Change to ECB's Free plan - Effective May 21, 2024.

Why choose Easy Content Builder?

Craft Shopify pages in just some simple steps, without using codes.

Quick Start

Create high-converting and fully responsive pages from prebuilt templates.

For merchants & agencies

Non-technical people can update the Shopify site without using codes, easily. Help agencies speed up page creation.

All page types

Add app sections anywhere - from the homepage, collection, product, store pages, and blog posts. Mix and match with your theme sections.

Enhance free themes

Bring premium features to free Shopify themes. Work perfectly with the default Shopify theme - Dawn.

Visual editor

Everything is drag & drop, WYSIWYG. No longer need developers for content updates.

Template for single page

Perfect for the Landing page of a new product, long-form product pages, About Us, Lookbook pages, etc.

Template for multiple pages

Perfect to customize templates for a group of items: Men clothing, Cushions, Rugs, etc.

Metaobject templates

Display custom-structured content pages using metaobject templates. Data is stored & fetched from the Dynamic source.


Create Metaobjects in one Click, with 6 pre-defined metaobjects.

Custom section style

Customize the style of app sections using Custom CSS. New style applied to all app sections on all pages.

Theme migration

Migrate all templates to a new theme in one click. Easily customize template style to fit new theme design with the Custom CSS feature.

Priority support

Within 24 hours for the Pro plan, and 24-48 hours for the Free plan.

What makes Easy Content Builder different?

The leading app for building Metaobject templates.

Embedded Page Builder

  • Create and manage all pages and associated content directly in your Shopify store.
  • No need to upload media and content to a 3rd party website like traditional page builders.
  • Customize template and app sections right in Theme Editor. No learning curve for a new Editor.

Flexible Section Builder

  • Create custom complex sections with multiple-column layouts.
  • Integrate app blocks (Accordion, Tabs, Before/After Slider, etc.) to each column your way.
  • Set background color, image, video, mask, parallax, animation on scrolling, etc.
  • No coding required.

Complete Metaobject template solution

  • Easy Content Builder simplifies the metaobject template creation process on your Shopify store.
  • Create Metaobjects / Metafields in one click.
  • Support prebuilt metaobject templates with fields already connected to the dynamic source.
  • Learn more about the benefits of using Metaobject templates.

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