Change to ECB's Free plan - Effective May 21, 2024.

Flex Section Builder

For merchants and agencies who want a WYSIWYG solution, create new or redesign your existing pages with easy-to-customize sections - no coding needed.
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Available on the Shopify app store.

Well-designed pages to sell

Be as creative as you like within the sections & blocks. Design your dream
shop with absolutely zero coding knowledge.
Easy Content Builder - Visual Editor

Visual Theme Editor

Add and publish new pages directly within Shopify theme editor. No steep learning curve.

Edit, move content on your pages by dragging and dropping elements, and preview all changes in real-time through your Shopify theme editor - without custom modifications to the theme files.
Easy Content Builder - Flexible Grid Layouts

Flexible Grid Layouts

Turn a blank page to a multi-column layout within minutes - with almost no need for a developer.

Easy to create flexible layouts at the section level - one, two, three, four column layouts with customizable column widths, or 'freestyle' layouts using Hierarchical grid.
Create Custom Sections, your way Create Custom Sections, your way

Create Custom Sections, your way

You have full control over creating custom sections with flexible, multiple column layouts. Then, integrate app blocks into those columns the way you want.

For each section, specify the background image, video, color, and mask, or set max-width, full-width, and adjustable margins.
Easy Content Builder - prebuilt sections

A library of reusable sections

Launch faster with a range of sections such as Before & After slider, Logo slider, Testimonial slider, Background video, Parallax effects, Full-width banners, Animation on Scrolling, and much more.

Create section by section to build an entirely new page yourself, without having to wait for a developer. Quick to market.
Easy Content Builder - Place sections anywhere

Place sections anywhere

Add prebuilt sections to tweak part of your pages or create a new page using the visual editor.

Re-use the same section on multiple pages and adjust it to fit with each page context - above the fold or below the fold.
Easy Content Builder - metaobject templates Easy Content Builder - metaobject templates

Dynamic sections with Metaobjects

Tailor your Shopify themes with dynamic sections using metaobjects.

Split your content into multiple fields and represent each part of the content in one structured layout template with multiple sections.
Easy Content Builder - global style

Define global styles

All sections (created by Easy Content Builder) inherit your Shopify theme’s styles by default, so you can easily keep consistency throughout your store.

Each section also enables flexible customization that allows for personalizing any pages with deep details.
Easy Content Builder - responsive

Create stunning, responsive product pages

You have total control over how to organize and optimize the product and pages that look great across different devices.

Easy Content Builder vs. Default Shopify

The ability to customize your Shopify product pages.
  Easy Content Builder Shopify Dawn theme
Visual Shopify Theme Editor (no-code)
Multiple Column Layouts Advanced column-layout options, flexible column width, etc. x
Prebuilt regular templates x
Prebuilt Metaobject templates (*) Yes (Pro plan) x
Duplicate a product page template Yes (Pro plan) x
A library of reusable sections (Background video, Full-width banners, Before/After, Accordion, Tabs, Parallax animation, Gallery, etc.) x
No-code Customization More flexible with a wide range of pre-built styles and designs. x
Migrate product templates (created by Easy Content Builder) to a new Shopify theme Yes (Pro plan) x

(*) Metaobject templates are only available in the PRO plan.

Customize your Shopify theme
without coding today!

Frequently asked questions

Will Easy Content Builder work for all the pages in my Shopify store?
At present, the Easy Content Builder app helps you build homepage, collection pages,product pages, pages, and blog post pages in your Shopify store.
Where are the content blocks stored and managed?
All content blocks created by the Easy Content Builder are stored and managed directly in your Shopify store.
Does the Easy Content Builder work with all Shopify themes?
The Easy Content Builder app only works with Online Store 2.0 themes. All the prebuilt content blocks added by the Easy Content Builder app will inherit the style of your theme.

When you start a Shopify store for the first time, it is recommended to use Dawn Theme, a lightweight OS 2.0 theme, to enjoy full flexibility when using Easy Content Builder (Learn why Dawn is the ideal way to start)

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