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Boost Sales & CRO

Adding ‘revenue-making’ sections to create a strong initial impression
that directly affects 80% of a customer's purchasing decision.
Easy Content Builder - boost sales sections

Build high-converting Shopify pages

Enhance your Shopify store design, (custom) content, & functionalities that drives more sales.
Easy Content Builder - Circle menu

Optimize your store navigation with the Circle menu

Easy Content Builder lets you simplify your Shopify store's navigation with the Circle menu. It turns the collection list into a circle, square, or pill menu - known as 'bubble navigation' - that features your essential product collections on the home, collection, or any page.

This way, your customers can find products and information effortlessly - frictionless product discovery.
Easy Content Builder - Hero sections

High-converting hero sections

80% of visitors spend time looking at information above the fold. So, hero sections are incredibly powerful in motivating users to scroll down and browse the page.

Easily Content Builder lets you create dynamic hero sections with multi-column layouts, CTAs, social proof & trust, a sense of urgency with a Countdown timer, video background, overlapping video with other rich content, and more.
Easy Content Builder - recommended products

Recommend your best-performing products

The Featured Products/Collections section lets you showcase your products on a slider for custom-chosen products or an entire collection.

Easily add cross-selling recommendations “If you like this, you might also like this.”, a personalized 'You May Also Like', 'Frequently bought together' below the main product being viewed, or upsell the premium products section above the fold.
Easy Content Builder - countdown timer

Create urgency with countdown timers

To create a sense of urgency and drive more sales, you can add the countdown timer section on product pages, landing pages, or any custom page, reminding customers of limited-time offers.

Adding a layer of urgency to your offers encourages customers to purchase before missing out on the opportunity.
Easy Content Builder - trust badges

Add Trust Badges to your store

Easily display trust signals using the Icons With Text section - such as money-back guarantees, customer reviews, return/refund policies, SSL certificates, logos of credit card processors, etc.

It helps you gain the trust of new customers who may find it difficult to trust new brands they shop with.
Easy Content Builder - reviews

Showcase testimonial carousel

Showcasing positive customer experiences and reviews using Icons With Text or Image With Text sections can build trust and credibility, encouraging potential buyers to purchase.

Why social proof is so important: 75% of consumers are likely to search for reviews and testimonials before making a purchase.
Easy Content Builder - long-form product pages

Craft compelling Product pages

Easy Content Builder gives you complete control to personalize the design, content, and functionality of any short- or long-form product pages.

Over 25+ prebuilt section variations are available to condense your product's complex details as a standalone landing page - from related and recommended products, scrolling announcement bar, tabs to overlapping images/videos with text, and more.
Easy Content Builder - custom content

Create valuable custom content for blog posts, guides, and more.

Besides creating high-converting pages, you can enhance your blog posts with Easy Content Builder by adding recommended products, multiple-column layouts, or rich content highlighting helpful tips, guides, and industry insights.

Or quickly create custom pages with structured data - such as recipes, FAQs, specs, author profiles, etc. - using metaobject templates.
Easy Content Builder - animation and scrolling effects

Well-designed animation and scrolling effects

If your store looks just like other Shopify static stores, it'll just easily get forgotten. Combining text, images, and animations (parallax, animation on scroll, or scrolling effect) gives your pages more life and makes them more interactive and dynamic.

You can apply animation effects section by section - a great way to increase visitor engagement and improve the usability of your pages.

What they say about us

  • LM Baby Art

    Really happy with the app and support was really helpfull! Needed some help to adjust some little things and they responded the same day. Thank you!
  • This Sucks (TM)

    Love it! Was able to build a new home page for our shop with loads of premium features with little prior experience. The support team went out of their way to help whenever I had any questions, even going as far as to edit my theme code for me. Highly recommend you give it a try!
  • Minmaerke

    I have only had this app a short while but has a lot of flexibility and more importantly the Posstack team have been extremely responsive to customisation and general enquiries. Service level is much appreciated and highly recommended. Great app.
  • Eli and Things

    United Kingdom
    Very easy to use, it’s functional, very versatile and to the point. The support was amazing when I needed assistance ( even though I am on free plan). Highly recommend.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between Easy Content Builder's Free and Pro versions?
Easy Content Builder's Free version for early-stage Shopify stores provides a nice set of content blocks that let you build functional pages using just them. Here is the list of pre-built content blocks available for free.

Easy Content Builder’s Pro version helps you build more advanced layouts, content and metaobject templates. The Pro version empowers you with more tools that speed up your workflow, including multi-column layouts, ready-to-use predesigned templates, custom CSS, metafields, and gives you more priority support.
Will Easy Content Builder work for all the pages in my Shopify store?
At present, the Easy Content Builder app helps you build and customize Homepage, Collection pages, Product pages, Store pages, and Blog post pages in your Shopify store. Learn more.
Does the Easy Content Builder work with all Shopify themes?
The Easy Content Builder app only works with Online Store 2.0 themes. All the prebuilt content blocks added by the Easy Content Builder app will inherit the style of your theme.

When you start a Shopify store for the first time, it is recommended to use Dawn Theme, a lightweight OS 2.0 theme, to enjoy full flexibility when using Easy Content Builder (Learn why Dawn is the ideal way to start)
Where can I learn more?
If you’re new to us, check out this Quickstart guide to build your first custom Shopify template using the Easy Content Builder app.

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