Change to ECB's Free plan - Effective May 21, 2024.
Easy Content Builder - Free version now available

I am excited to let you know that we have made an important update to our Easy Content Builder app for Shopify. There is a new FREE version of the Easy Content Builder app. There are no hidden costs, meaning it is 100% free to use, and you can stay on it as long as you like.

Before jumping into the details, check out a video overview of how to add sections to your Shopify product page with Easy Content Builder:


Free Easy Content Builder app - What's in it for me?

If you are just getting started on Shopify, Easy Content Builder's Free version provides a nice set of content blocks that let you build functional pages using just them.

Here are a wide variety of pre-built content blocks provided by Easy Content Builder you can use for free:

Easy Content Builder - Free version

  • Section Settings: Manage global settings of each section (for example, Multi-column layouts, Full Width Container, Background Color, Background Image, etc.)
  • Section Title: Create catchy titles/headings with each content block with an icon, featured image, tagline, or even a CTA button.
  • Article: Manage core elements of your blog posts’ content (Title, Content, Meta data, Tags, etc.)
  • Buttons: Add multiple buttons on your page.
  • Custom HTML: Add custom snippets of HTML, such as Google Map, Google Forms, third-party widgets, etc, to your page.
  • Divider: Add horizontal lines (15+ divider styles) that help separate content sections of your pages.
  • Featured Collections: Display specific product collections on a page.
  • Featured Products: Display a featured product slider for custom chosen products or an entire collection.
  • Features: Create multiple content blocks - each with its heading, description, and icon. Position the icon (left, right, center, bottom) to pair with the wrapped text.
  • Image Grid: Add beautiful image galleries on your page.
  • Image with Text: Create rich content blocks with an heading, tagline, description, featured image, and CTA button.
  • Video: Add video content (Youtube or Vimeo) to your page.

What else does the Easy Content Builder (Free version) offer?

Besides the free content blocks listed above, you will get free access to:

  • 7 pre-built templates
  • Allow to create 6 templates:
    2 Product Page template
    2 Blog Post template
    2 Store Page template

You can take advantage of 7 pre-built templates provided by the Easy Content Builder app as a starting point for quickly developing your custom template.

For each product page/blog post/store page template created with Easy Content Builder (free version), you can assign it to any page respectively at your choice. You can check out our live demo here to see sample sections and pages created by the Easy Content Builder:

Easy Content Builder Demo    Install free on Shopify

Tips: Best free Shopify theme to get started
For early-stage Shopify stores, it’s a no-brainer to start with the Dawn theme + Easy Content Builder. Learn why so many people turn to the Dawn theme to build their first store here.

Technical Support

Whenever you need our help with our Easy Content Builder (including the Free version), you can access our Helpdesk here.

We're regularly online for about 18 hours per day. If you've yet to receive our reply, please be patient. We will definitely reply to you by email once we're back again.

What’s new in the Easy Content Builder Pro version

If you need more customization or advanced features, Pro is the plan you should consider to start on.

It’s worth noting that you can stay on the Free plan for as long as you want if the Pro plan is not your cup of tea. However, we do have some limits on the Free plan. For example, it doesn’t have multi-column layout options. And it’s limited to using specific pre-built content blocks provided by Easy Content Builder.

Easy Content Builder’s Pro version helps you build more advanced layouts and content. The Pro version empowers you with more tools that speed up your workflow, including:

  • All pre-built templates
  • Create unlimited templates
  • All advanced template blocks
  • Advanced Section Settings (multi-column layouts, etc.)
  • Before & After Slider: A sliding visual comparison - Two versions of an image will appear with a divider which can be moved to see the difference.
  • Accordion: build vertically collapsing accordions
  • Tabs: divide your content into tabs vertically
  • (NEW) Metaobject templates: You can use Metaobject templates in various ways to display custom data not natively available in default Shopify, such as recipes, FAQs, author profiles, size charts, ingredient lists, material information, book metadata, technical product specifications, product manuals (pdf files), etc.
  • Clone templates: After creating a template using Easy Content Builder, you can clone it to create a new one. Templates control what's rendered on each type of page in a Shopify theme.
  • Theme migration tool: migrate all templates and app blocks created by the Easy Content Builder app from an existing theme to a new one.
  • Custom CSS: add custom CSS to make quick style changes to all blocks and elements on your site. Priority support

New Block in Pro plan: Before & After Slider

Note: Though all premium features above are only available in Easy Content Builder’s Pro version, you can still add & edit this block normally in the Theme Editor, and you need to upgrade your plan to view the block on the front end, if you choose to.


Easy Content Builder plans are pretty straightforward. The free plan is good value for money and is perfect for building a Shopify store on a budget. There's no hidden costs, and you can stay on this version as long as you want.

The affordable Pro plan is your best bet if you want to build a custom store with robust features.

Hopefully, you’re now ready to pick your perfect plan and make your Shopify store a reality!

Have a question? Just drop us a message at support (at)

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