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  • How to display reviews in the Easy Content Builder section and Easy Content Builder integration

    Did you know that adding reviews to the recommended products section in Easy Content Builder can make a big impact on potential customers?

    By showcasing products that have received positive feedback from other customers, you can help persuade new visitors to make a purchase. You can show your "Best Reviewed Products" or simply show the star ratings for each item. It's a great way to build trust and increase sales.

  • 10 free font pairings for your Shopify store

    10 free font pairings for shopify

    How can you choose a typeface combination for your Shopify store? In this article, we'll share the top 10 free font pairings for your Shopify Dawn theme. These pairings are beautifully designed, mainly using Google fonts, and can help maintain consistency across your Shopify stores.

    Choosing the right typeface combination is crucial; that's why many businesses consistently use the same font pairing across all of their marketing.

  • 10 of the outstanding blog examples from Shopify stores

    10 stand-out blog examples on Shopify

    Nov 30, 2023 Update: If you want to display an Author profile on an article, product, or any page, we recommend you use the ECB Author metaobject. This way, you can create a single Author profile and reuse it on any page. Any edits you make to this artist profile will automatically be reflected on any page where it is used.

    Blogs and content creation can be an effective marketing channel for any Shopify store. There are some arguments against how essential a blog is to a Shopify store - especially from ones who prefer to use transactional tactics such as Facebook, Google, or TikTok ads. But, if you aim at brand building in the long run, having an ecommerce blog as part of your Shopify store is a must-have and highly beneficial.

    In this article, we will explore 10 amazing blog examples from Shopify stores and learn a few things about how to build an effective ecommerce blog.

  • 12 “About us” pages (with Templates) from Shopify brands

    Best About Us pages on Shopify

    For any Shopify store, About Us is a substantial page that you need to take seriously. Anyone new to your store wants to learn more than just the price point before they make a purchase decision. So, "About Us" page is an effective way to connect with your potential customers better and earn their trust over time.

    This article will provide 12 best 'About Us' examples and tips for creating a compelling About Us page on your Shopify stores.

  • 6 Effective Landing Page Examples on Shopify's Dawn Theme

    Shopify landing page examples on the Dawn theme

    Looking for effective landing page examples for your Shopify store?

    We've put together six Shopify landing pages that were built on the Dawn theme, so you can get inspired and create your own amazing pages.

    But before you dive in, we recommend learning how to natively build and launch a landing page in Shopify itself. This will help you get the most out of your page-building experience.

  • Easy Content Builder (V2) Got A Complete Overhaul - Here's What's New!

    Easy Content Builder - A Complete Overhaul

    After months of hard work, we are excited to release Easy Content Builder (V2) with a complete overhaul of the code base, UI, new features, and improvements.

    Let's take a closer look at what's new in the Easy Content Builder (V2).

    Overhaul the whole code base

    Our team did go the extra mile and re-wrote the whole Easy Content Builder's code base to optimize the app further and made sure our new UI blends in nicely.

  • Easy Content Builder now supports metaobjects as a dynamic source

    Easy Content Builder metaobjects as a dynamic source

    Nov 30, 2023 Update: Easy Content Builder introduces a new feature that enables you to create new Shopify metaobject templates faster - a handy way to create fully custom pages such as Recipes, Ingredient Lists, Product manuals (pdf files), Author bio, etc., More details here.

    Easy Content Builder now allows you to add custom data and content by using metaobjects as a dynamic source. Metaobjects help you define and create custom structured, reusable data to enrich your Shopify pages that standard features can't match - such as size charts, product FAQs, ingredient lists, collection banners, recipes, specifications, etc.

    Currently, the Easy Content Builder app helps you create and connect metaobjects to your Shopify online store through dynamic sources for 3 types of content:

    • Icons with text
    • Tabs - coming soon
    • Accordions - coming soon
  • Easy Content Builder Showcase:

    Easy Content Builder showcase - Banana Llama

    We're thrilled to spotlight Banana Llama, a brand owned by the Scottish artist - Andi. The exemplifies minimal design and effective use of Easy Content Builder's features.

    Meet Andi: The UX/UI Designer by day, freelance artist by night.

    Andi has a strong passion for illustration & creativity. She provides unique hand-drawn pieces of Wall Art Prints, custom Portraits, or Birthday Cards.

  • Easy Content Builder Showcase:

    Easy Content Builder case study -

    We are thrilled to feature an outstanding female-owned skincare brand, The Smoom, that has utilized the Easy Content Builder to customize its homepage, collection page, and product page with informative yet concise sections.

    The Smoom is known for its innovative product Face Floss™, which is made of 100% natural, vegan, and cruelty-free ingredients. The brand prides itself on carefully selecting nourishing natural ingredients to create gentle yet effective skincare solutions that cater to your skin's requirements without any unnecessary additives. You can check out The Smoom's homepage, collection, and product pages, created using the Easy Content Builder, to see how they have made the most of this tool.

  • Easy Content Builder: Enhanced Custom CSS & New Product Detail Templates Added

    Easy Content Builder update - enhanced Custom CSS

    We're pleased to announce the new enhanced Custom CSS of our Easy Content Builder app (ECB) for Shopify. This update also brings some new product detail page templates.

  • Easy Content Builder: New On-scroll Animations. Plus 5 Product Page Templates Added.

    Easy Content Builder - 5 new product templates added

    For the past few weeks we have been exploring new features and updating every aspect of our Easy Content Builder (ECB) app. It’s been a while in the making; now, we’re happy to keep you informed on the latest updates to the ECB app. This release focuses on adding new product page templates, improving the core components of the app, and adding new features like on-scroll animations and column/row gaps. 

    Enable animations on scroll

    Easy Content Builder now supports the on-scroll animation, and it lets you apply different types of animation to elements within each section as you scroll down the page. Below are the different kinds of animation that are available for you to choose from:

  • Examples of the Best Shopify Product Pages for Conversion

    Examples of the Best Shopify product pages for conversion

    When building a Shopify store, your goal is to get users to hit the Add To Cart button, and there's no way you'll achieve that without a revenue-optimized product page.

    We're exploring 3 top brands - all of which were built with Shopify - and learning how they optimize their product pages on mobile that motivate visitors to buy. Why is mobile conversion optimization so crucial to Shopify stores?

    At least 79% of smartphone users have made a purchase through their mobile devices in the last six months of 2021.

    If you're seeking ways to improve your product page CRO (conversion rate optimization) on mobile, then the key takeaways below are for you.

  • How to create new Shopify metaobject templates with Easy Content Builder (with examples)

    Create Shopify metaobject templates

    Easy Content Builder now introduces a new way to create metaobject templates faster. Whether you need to add unique content sections to specific products or create shared sections for multiple pages, metaobjects offer a flexible and efficient solution.

    This article will shed light on what Shopify metaobjects are, when you should use metaobjects, and how to create a metaobject template on your Shopify store using Easy Content Builder.

  • Introducing Easy Content Builder - Build A Shopify Page Faster

    Easy Content Builder - Build Shopify product pages, store pages, and article

    Important Update: the Free version of Easy Content Builder is now available! Learn what the Free plan offers here.

    We are thrilled to introduce our upcoming Shopify app - Easy Content Blocks - that lets you combine pre-designed blocks to inject inline content to a page within just a few minutes, without having to interact with Liquid templates or code. Add, configure, and preview changes in real time. It's that simple!

    Content Blocks are flexible. You sort through the relevant blocks - featured product carousel, tabs, testimonials, or the other pre-designed blocks provided by Easy Content Blocks, then pick and customize each one to make it fit your needs. 

  • New Easy Content Builder - Revamped Dashboard, New Workflow to Assign a Template in Bulk

    Easy Content Builder - New dashboard & new workflow

    We are incredibly excited to introduce to you an entirely new dashboard of the Posstack Easy Content Builder. This update includes a new workflow to create custom templates and assign them to multiple pages at once.

    Let's take a look at these new essential updates.

  • Optimize Your Shopify Landing Pages - Key Elements & Best Practices

    Shopify Landing Pages - Key Elements & Best Practice

    For any Shopify store, e-commerce landing pages are digital storefronts that play a crucial role in the success of your store. While you have just a few seconds to attract and engage your visitors who land on your pages, what’re the key elements and the best practice that helps you build a high-converting landing page?

    In this article, I will walk you through:

    • Types of e-commerce landing pages
    • Essential elements of and the best practice for an e-commerce landing page
    • New landing page templates created by Easy Content Builder

    Let’s start with the types of landing pages for a Shopify store and what they can do for your business.

  • Recipe pages: 12 Beautiful Recipe pages on Shopify to get you inspired

    Recipes one Shopify

    As a Shopify brand owner, you always want to boost sales and engage users in your online store. One way to do this is by adding recipe cards to blog posts or pages that showcase your products in a unique and compelling way. Recipes are powerful content types that can help you attract and retain customers by providing them with step-by-step instructions, beautiful images, and useful tips.

    Whether you sell food and drink items, beauty products, kitchen equipment, or anything in between, you can demonstrate how your products can be used in creative and delicious ways.

    In this article, we curated 12 delicious recipe pages on Shopify that can help you get inspired and create your own recipe pages.

  • Selling Arts Online: 5 Art Stores on Shopify and their product page takeaways

    5 Art stores on Shopify & product page takeaways

    Nov 30, 2023 Update: If you want to display an Artist profile section on a product, article, or any page, we recommend you use the ECB Author metaobject. This way, you can create a single artist profile and reuse it on any page. Any edits you make to this artist profile will automatically be reflected on any page where it is used.

    If you're about to build a painting business - whether you are an artist or a curator - here are 5 outstanding Shopify art store examples to give you some inspiration and handy tips to apply to your store.

    While this article mainly walks through the product detail pages, you can also look at other standard pages on these Shopify stores to learn best practices in their design, UX, navigational flow, on-site marketing, copywriting, and photography. This will definitely save you time and cost.

  • Shopify Dawn theme: Image With Text & How to enrich it (Part 2)

    Shopify Dawn theme enhancement - Image With Text

    Nov 30, 2023 Update: Easy Content Builder now supports using metaobjects. If you want to load dynamic images to the Image With Text section, use ECB Media Metaobject. Learn more.

    This post is part of a series called Shopify Dawn theme enhancements:

    In the previous post in this series, we explored how to add the multicolumn sections with rich content blocks (not just a Text block) to the Dawn theme.

    In this post, we will:

    • Explain a few missing features in the Dawn theme
    • Share how to enhance the Image With Text in the Dawn theme without coding
  • Shopify Dawn theme: Multicolumn & How to enrich it (Part 1)

    Shopify Dawn theme enhancement - Multicolumn

    Nov 30, 2023 Update: Easy Content Builder now supports metaobject templates.

    This post is part of a series called Shopify Dawn theme enhancements:

    In this series, our team at Posstack will:

    • Explain a few missing features in the Dawn theme
    • Share how to enhance the Dawn theme without coding

    Dawn - the first free OS 2.0 theme built by Shopify - is a good starting point, you can make it easy or go advanced. Learn why you should consider using the Dawn theme here.

    In this first post, let’s begin with creating multicolumn layouts and adding any block types to the grid column.

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