Change to ECB's Free plan - Effective May 21, 2024.
Easy Content Builder update - enhanced Custom CSS

We're pleased to announce the new enhanced Custom CSS of our Easy Content Builder app (ECB) for Shopify. This update also brings some new product detail page templates.

Before jumping into the details, check out a video overview of how to customize your Shopify theme with Custom CSS using Easy Content Builder:


Enhanced Custom CSS in Easy Content Builder

The Custom CSS feature in our ECB app includes the following:

  • A standard Custom CSS field (available for both Free & Pro versions)
  • A special setting for Custom theme style (Pro version only): allows you to automatically generate Custom CSS without coding.

Standard Custom CSS feature

Custom CSS is located in the Easy Content Builder's sidebar menu. Both Free and Pro versions of Easy Content Builder include the standard Custom CSS section, allowing you to make fine-tuned adjustments to the storefront's styling of the ECB sections.

Easy Content Builder - Standard Custom CSS

Custom CSS can be added to your entire theme that affects all pages in your online store where you use the ECB sections (except the Checkout page).

Custom CSS can also be added to a specific section of your theme. If you add custom CSS to a section of your theme, then the CSS is scoped to that section.

Custom theme style (PRO version only)

Since it requires knowledge to add custom CSS to your Shopify theme, we introduce a new handy option that allows a marketer without coding skill to make significant adjustments to your theme - Automatically Generate CSS option.

Easy to automatically generate your Custom CSS

In this release, we only support Color customization - you can expect other types of customization in the coming time.

You can now change the color for borders, backgrounds or text colors of the ECB sections to fit with your theme style. Once you are satisfied with the color scheme, hit the Generate CSS button, and the new css code (from your selected colors settings) applied to the ECB blocks will be automatically generated and filled in the Custom CSS field. Next, you hit the Save button and clear the browser cache to see the changes in your storefront. Besides, you can also copy the generated Custom CSS to your theme if you choose to (Supposed that your theme supports adding custom css code).

Sample generated Custom CSS

This customization option is handy when you change to a new theme or want to make consistent changes (without coding) to all pages and sections following your brand guideline.

Before & After: We changed the Primary & Secondary colors for testing.

New templates

We keep updating the features and adding new templates every month. And here are some new Product detail page templates this month for you to explore:

1. Electric Kettle - Product Detail Page template:

Easy Content Builder - Electric Kettle prebuilt product template
View Live Demo: Click here

2. Monstera Deliciosa - Product Detail Page template:

Easy Content Builder - Monstera Deliciosa prebuilt product template
View Live Demo: Click here

3. Coffee Shop - Product Detail Page template:

Easy Content Builder - Coffee shop prebuilt product template
View Live Demo: Click here

Why use pre-built sections for your custom projects

If you're new to the ECB app, you might wonder why I should use the sections to customize my Shopify theme.

The short answer is it can save you hours in development time and cost. Especially, you can get Shopify pages live faster without coding - a handy way to create multiple pages for split testing to pick ones that increase conversion rate.

The ECB app provides you with a wide variety of pre-built sections that you mix and match - such as Before/After Slider, Accordion, Featured Products, FAQs, Tabs, Photo/Video Galleries, Custom code, etc. You simply add any section to your OS 2.0 theme and customize it directly within your Theme Editor.

There is a new FREE version of the Easy Content Builder app. No hidden costs, install free on Shopify!

Tell us your thoughts

We hope you like the new update and can’t wait to see what you can come up with from our pre-built product templates.

We welcome any feedback to help us make the Easy Content Builder app even better, contributions are most welcome too. Let us know in the comments section below, or message us via support (at)

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