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Shopify Dawn theme examples

Searching for the best Shopify stores using the Dawn theme for inspiration to create your custom store?

As you might know, Dawn is the ideal way to start configuring your Shopify store. You can find out why here. Dawn is the first free Online Store 2.0 theme maintained and built by Shopify. This modern and flexible theme is used as the basis for all free Shopify themes.

We’ve browsed hundreds of stores using the Dawn theme from various niches - home decor, fashion, cosmetics, etc. - and picked those we loved most.

In this post, you will find both minimal sites with a similar look to the default Dawn design and heavily customized sites built off on this flagship theme.

Here is the list of 20 Shopify sites using the Dawn theme for you to get inspired:

Tips: Suppose you want to create fully custom data unavailable in Shopify's native data structure, such as recipes, ingredient lists, product manuals (pdf files), author bios, etc. In that case, we recommend you check out metaobject templates.

Khan Academy's Shop

Khan Academy - an American non-profit educational organization created in 2006 by Sal Khan - offers branded t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, and more items.


Clothes Mentor - a sustainable women's resale brand that offers a wide range of secondhand, gently-used, like-new designer clothing, shoes, jewelry, and accessories at an affordable price.

Turo shop

Turo - the world’s largest car sharing marketplace where you can book any car you want - offers a wide range of apparel and accessories, including shirts, hats, keychains, and more.

Bicycle Warehouse

Bicycle Warehouse - a leading online retailer of mountain bikes in Southern California with a mission "to inspire your passion to ride so you enjoy more fitness, freedom and fun".


Kinobody was founded in 2013 by Gregory O'Gallagher as a quest to move against the status quo in the fitness industry. It offers fitness gear, supplements, workout programs, and courses.

Best Choice Products

Best Choice Products offers a catalog that's developed in-house with home furniture, toys, outdoor and seasonal products, all at value prices.


Brighton offers exquisitely crafted women's leather handbags, jewelry, and charms for bracelets, along with many other stylish accessories.


Betabrand designs amazingly comfortable clothing for women - known for Dress Pant Yoga Pants, Yoga Denim, and other activewear for work and travel.

The Mediterranean Dish

The Mediterranean Dish - a free online resource providing modern Mediterranean recipes and a shop where you can purchase Mediterranean ingredients like extra virgin olive oils and spices.

American Tin Ceilings

American Tin Ceilings - a leading manufacturer of designer tin ceiling tiles in Bradenton, Florida. It provides an excellent selection of tin panels for ceilings, wall panels,...

Murphy Door

Murphy Door is a hidden door designed to blend seamlessly into an existing room. Murphy Doors provide unique hidden storage while being a fully functional door.


MegaFood, Certified B Corporation, expertly crafts nutrient-rich, planet-first vitamins and supplements made with real food.

Eden Brothers

Eden Brothers is an online retailer offering one of the largest seed and flower bulb assortments available in the United States.

Mayo Clinic Alumni Association

Mayo Clinic Alumni Association shop is an online store with exclusive Mayo Clinic Alumni accessories, apparel, and furniture.

American Songwriter Shop

The official store of American Songwriter offers a unique collection of high quality merchandise, including apparel, accessories, and more.

Eagle Creek

Eagle Creek offers luggage and travel backpacks with a wide variety of sizes and options that provide stylish travel with all the benefits of durable luggage.

My Pet Chicken

My Pet Chicken sells all things backyard chickens, waterfowl, coops, and supplies.

Essential Apparel

Essential Apparel provides a great selection of apparel & accessories for men, women, and children. It offers everything from socks & underwear to jackets & hats.


AdvantageLumber is the global leader in exotic hardwood decking, siding, lumber, and modular deck systems.

CSU-Global School Store

CSU-Global School Store provides a wide range of t-shirts, polos, outerwear, sweatshirts, and accessories.

The Curiosity Box

Vsauce delivers viral science toys, brain-busting puzzles, books, puzzles, and other cerebral wonders to your door each season.

Five landing pages to level up your Dawn theme

If you want to add customizations and flexibility to your existing homepage or create a new landing page, check out these 5 templates built with Easy Content Builder and the Dawn theme. It saves you time going with the Dawn theme.

Using these templates, you will work within your Shopify editor to mix and match sections without slowing down your site speed: circle menu, product comparison tables, auto-scrolling announcement bars, and image carousels; Ajax add-to-cart product sliders (or grids), testimonials, parallax and animations on scroll, etc.

Beauty and Cosmetic: View the demo


Home and Interior: View the demo


Apparel: View the demo


Health and wellness: View the demo


Food and beverage: View the demo



Whether you make it easy or go advanced with the Dawn theme, it's always beneficial to learn how the Dawn theme helps other merchants set up their stores with custom edits.

We hope our list of 20 Dawn theme examples gives you hints on choosing the right design for your Shopify store and your budget.

Get started with Dawn today? It’s a no-brainer to use a handy free app like Easy Content Builder to enrich the Dawn theme at no cost - for example, enhance the multicolumn layouts, Image with text, or Icon with text, and much more.

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