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Shopify Landing Pages - Key Elements & Best Practice

For any Shopify store, e-commerce landing pages are digital storefronts that play a crucial role in the success of your store. While you have just a few seconds to attract and engage your visitors who land on your pages, what’re the key elements and the best practice that helps you build a high-converting landing page?

In this article, I will walk you through:

  • Types of e-commerce landing pages
  • Essential elements of and the best practice for an e-commerce landing page
  • New landing page templates created by Easy Content Builder

Let’s start with the types of landing pages for a Shopify store and what they can do for your business.

Types of e-commerce landing pages

For a Shopify store, no matter what type of landing page you build, you tend to grow an email list for future product/service promotion or offer a current special discounted product/service. Simply put, in the end, the top goal of any landing page for an ecommerce website is to generate leads.

With that in mind, we define three types of e-commerce landing pages as follows:

A lead generation page

This is one of the most common types of landing pages, and its primary focus is to collect leads so you can market to them later. The page can use various content types, page structures, and lengths to provide value to your visitor in exchange for the visitor’s contact information - especially an email address.

For example, you can give visitors an incentive to share their email addresses with you - offering promotional gifts, free trial, giveaway, an ebook or white paper, or access to ‘secret information’ that they won’t find elsewhere, etc. The more leads you capture, the more likely you will convert them to prospects, then become your customers.

Lead generation landing page - Converkit

A sales landing page

In many cases, you need specific landing pages to get visitors to take one primary action - make a purchase. This is where a sales landing page comes in.

A sales page often includes a brief product/service description, USP (unique selling points), its benefits, testimonials, promotional discounts, etc, to convince visitors to pull out their credit cards. When creating a sales page, one offer doesn’t necessarily mean one button, and you can provide multiple CTAs instead to make it easy for visitors to buy.

Config 2023, Figma’s annual conference

A product landing page or collection page

Ultimately, the first page a user ‘lands’ on your website - your blog page, About Us page, collection page, etc - is a landing page. However, product pages or collection pages are generally used in e-commerce and can be optimized to become dedicated web pages for conversions.

Cowboy bike - Long-form product page.

When done right, a product or collection page can effectively convert visitors into buyers. For a product landing page - especially a long-form product page, you can tailor them to target specific customers with more detailed information than a regular homepage.

For example, you can look at Ugmonk’s Analog product page - a case study of a great long-form product landing page that helps drive conversions. Ultimately the type of product landing page - short-form or long-form pages - depends on the nature of your product/services. A short-form page fits well with simple or low-cost products, while a long-form page works best for more complex or high-cost products.

Essential elements of an e-commerce landing page

No matter what industry you operate in, creating an e-commerce landing page should be focused on one primary purpose - lead capture or sales generation. There are many elements you need to add to achieve that goal, however below are key elements that I find to be vital for a high-performing landing page:

  • Primary headline
  • Unique selling points
  • Social proofs like custom reviews & testimonials
  • CTA buttons
  • Imagery
  • Video
  • Lead capture forms

The use of those elements will come down to specific products/services or offer you have. There are no one-size-fit-all solutions for a high-performing landing page, however, the general rule is to position key elements above the fold if you opt for a short-form landing page. For a long-form landing page, you can safely place your core elements below the fold, providing that your page structure is easy to follow with engaging copy & compelling call-to-action.

To keep it short, here’re the best practices to help you jump into building high-converting landing pages:

  • Mobile friendly
  • Clear and concise copy
  • Clear design and easy to follow
  • Strong and valuable call to action & valuable offer
  • Should disable global header/footer navigation or extra elements like a sidebar.

And, most important, testing everything. Always!

New landing pages added to Easy Content Builder

For a Shopify starter, creating a high-performing landing page for your store might sound like an overwhelming amount of work. However, it’s a no-brainer to use a landing page builder like Easy Content Builder that allows you to quickly use premade landing page templates instead of designing your pages from scratch.

You can build and test out multiple landing pages - without a developer or designer - quickly and easily.

Here are a few landing pages created by the Easy Content Builder:

1. Lead Generation Page - Coming Soon: 

Easy Content Builder: Lead Generation Page - Coming Soon
View Live Demo: Click here

2. Sales Page - Gym Supplements: 

Easy Content Builder: Gym Supplement Sales Page
View Live Demo: Click here

3. Sales Page - Tumbler: 

Easy Content Builder: Tumbler Sales Page
View Live Demo: Click here

4. Sales Page - Clearance: 

Easy Content Builder: Clearance Sales Page
View Live Demo: Click here

5. Sales Page - Skincare: 

Easy Content Builder: Skincare Sales Page
View Live Demo: Click here

Tell us your thoughts

I hope you can optimize your landing page following the best practices covered above. As you build your Shopify landing page, keep in mind that you should always test everything and keep optimizing different page options to see the best results.

We welcome any feedback to help us make the Easy Content Builder app even better, contributions are most welcome too. Let us know in the comments section below, or message us via support (at)

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