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  • How to display reviews in the Easy Content Builder section and Easy Content Builder integration

    Did you know that adding reviews to the recommended products section in Easy Content Builder can make a big impact on potential customers?

    By showcasing products that have received positive feedback from other customers, you can help persuade new visitors to make a purchase. You can show your "Best Reviewed Products" or simply show the star ratings for each item. It's a great way to build trust and increase sales.

  • 10 of the outstanding blog examples from Shopify stores

    10 stand-out blog examples on Shopify

    Nov 30, 2023 Update: If you want to display an Author profile on an article, product, or any page, we recommend you use the ECB Author metaobject. This way, you can create a single Author profile and reuse it on any page. Any edits you make to this artist profile will automatically be reflected on any page where it is used.

    Blogs and content creation can be an effective marketing channel for any Shopify store. There are some arguments against how essential a blog is to a Shopify store - especially from ones who prefer to use transactional tactics such as Facebook, Google, or TikTok ads. But, if you aim at brand building in the long run, having an ecommerce blog as part of your Shopify store is a must-have and highly beneficial.

    In this article, we will explore 10 amazing blog examples from Shopify stores and learn a few things about how to build an effective ecommerce blog.

  • 6 Effective Landing Page Examples on Shopify's Dawn Theme

    Shopify landing page examples on the Dawn theme

    Looking for effective landing page examples for your Shopify store?

    We've put together six Shopify landing pages that were built on the Dawn theme, so you can get inspired and create your own amazing pages.

    But before you dive in, we recommend learning how to natively build and launch a landing page in Shopify itself. This will help you get the most out of your page-building experience.

  • Easy Content Builder Showcase:

    Easy Content Builder case study -

    We are thrilled to feature an outstanding female-owned skincare brand, The Smoom, that has utilized the Easy Content Builder to customize its homepage, collection page, and product page with informative yet concise sections.

    The Smoom is known for its innovative product Face Floss™, which is made of 100% natural, vegan, and cruelty-free ingredients. The brand prides itself on carefully selecting nourishing natural ingredients to create gentle yet effective skincare solutions that cater to your skin's requirements without any unnecessary additives. You can check out The Smoom's homepage, collection, and product pages, created using the Easy Content Builder, to see how they have made the most of this tool.

  • Examples of the Best Shopify Product Pages for Conversion

    Examples of the Best Shopify product pages for conversion

    When building a Shopify store, your goal is to get users to hit the Add To Cart button, and there's no way you'll achieve that without a revenue-optimized product page.

    We're exploring 3 top brands - all of which were built with Shopify - and learning how they optimize their product pages on mobile that motivate visitors to buy. Why is mobile conversion optimization so crucial to Shopify stores?

    At least 79% of smartphone users have made a purchase through their mobile devices in the last six months of 2021.

    If you're seeking ways to improve your product page CRO (conversion rate optimization) on mobile, then the key takeaways below are for you.

  • Shopify hero banner: Best practices & 10+ examples

    Shopify hero banners - best practices & examples

    When it comes to a Shopify store, hero banners are a key part of your home page and store landing pages. It's a powerful way to create an immediate impression, highlight promotions, and bring your products to life in an engaging, attractive format.

    In this article below, you will learn 6 important things to get the hero banners right, the recommended format and dimensions, and 10 examples to inspire you to design your own hero banners.

  • Shopify Upsell & Cross-sell: Real-life Examples and Takeaways

    Shopify upsell and cross-sell examples

    As you might know...

    Amazon attributed upsells and cross-sells helped them gain 35% of its revenue - both the 'Frequently Bought Together' and 'Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought'.

    Sounds great? So, how to boost your Shopify store sales with similar upsells and cross-sells?

    In this post, we will look at real-life examples of upsells and cross-sells and learn what's the best way to approach this product recommendation strategy.

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